Teacher List

Photo ID Name Gender Department Designation Joining Date
6904146703 Engg. Nur Uddin Ahmed Male Head of the RTSC Principal 1995
7115146708 Md. Zahurul Hoque Male Automotive Chief Instructor
7352146755 SAMAR KANTI HALDER Male Agro-Machinery Chief Instructor
6852500413 Md. Sajjad Hossain Mridha Male General Electrical Chief Instructor
6464100189 Md. Delwar Hossain Male Building Maintenance & Construction Chief Instructor
7752146781 MOHAMMAD TAIZUDDIN JOMADER Male Non-Tech Instructor (Physics)
7552680804 Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman Male Non-Tech Instructor (Math)
7615681028 Sanjoy Kumar Malo Male Non-Tech Instructor(Chemistry)
9028908241 MD. KHAIRUL ISLAM Male Non-Tech Instructor(English)
6815146799 MD. AFZAL HOSSAIN Male Non-Tech Math/Science Teacher
8357146749 MD.ZIAUL HAQUE Male Farm Machinery Junior Instructor
6252146797 DEBASHISH CHOWDHURY Male General Electrical Craft Instructor
6252680808 MD. SOFIULLAH Male General Electrical Craft Instructor
7752680938 Md. Jahidur Rahman Male Non-Tech Instructor(Bangla)
Syed Main Syed Main Uddin Male Non-Tech Language Teacher
6052100062 KHONDOKER ATIAR RAHMAN Male Automotive Craft Instructor
000000 MD. Tauhidul Islam Male Computer Technology (68) Guest Teacher (Computer) 16/08/2016